Sabado, Oktubre 16, 2010

reflection activity 7

field-study 3, this experience in fs3, is really unforgettable one, i still remember during my fs1, tried, hungry, and sacrifice are there,,yet even though that,still you can find hope.Don't lose hope and i believed in that. Life is all about believing in yourself if you think that you can do this even a lot of effort you must exert then try you will be find a success.But eventually i can say that this profession is really a noble one yet EDUCATION is the most important materials in ones life. It is something important wherein nobody can steal. this will involve hardship and commitment of someone who has the love for teaching.fortunately, many of our fellowmen indulge themselves in a teaching career but unfortunately, many were not able to be in-in the job. learning process is not easy as they say, someone may be disappointed and others mau be succeed. I believed that this experienced may help me in the future.


A little bit difficulties, i encounted on making a slide presentetion, however this difficulties i overcome.At first honestly i could say that i dont have any prior knowledge or idea on making a slide presentation or on how to used a computer, yet i remember the first time i see personally a computer when i was first year college and that time im very happy because its my first time to see a computer personally.may be for others this experience is very mababaw(tagalog haha) for me it is unforgettable experience.In mangsee island they dont have that computer in schools limited learning materials and with thta it really to my mind that life is simple.yet, im very thankful to those teachers help me to realized that life is beautiful not just simple..

reflection activity 5

Yes, it is true that hand-outs is not just only paper work yet if you finished preparing that, you will realized that is not easy as they say you should be careful in doing hand-outs the idea that are included should related only with your lesson that you wanted emphasized to your students.The first time i do hand-outs, a little bit feel confused with that because i dont have any idea on how to make hand-outs yet thanks to our teacher that gave me strenght to do this, giving idea on how to come up with the hand-outs.and after i finished my hand-outs i was very happy and i  think that i can also do this hand-outs.the only tip that i can share is when making a hand-outs make sure you have an objectives that helps you to do effectively the hand-outs.

reflection activity 4

As a teacher, It is your responsibilities to teach kids effectively as much as possible we should do a wonderful job for them as a  part of our job.It is our responsibilities to think an appropriate learning materials for the specific lesson/ topic. yet if you asked me, if what materials that  I  would used in my lesson? for me i used to do a hand-outs rather than writing on the board.Because heres you can introduced your lesson in a less effort, the hand-outs you can write only the summary or the important part in your topic. it is also the responsibilities of the students to read and understand your topic  for their own  learninng. the good things with the hand-outs is we can keep it and then used again.but it is not easy to do because you just not only write anything yet you must think the idea that is appropriate to learned that you can included  in the hand-outs...

Biyernes, Oktubre 15, 2010

reflection activity 3

If i will given a chance to teach, i could probably say that i will not do similarly like the teacher do in her class during my observation.her method on teaching mathematics is to give a quiz after she finished discussing in order to met the stated objectives.She like giving a quiz and it is good. If  I  will become a teacher someday  I would like to do something which may help them to have a self  confidence.I  used to give a recitation rather a quiz wherein they can answer me individually with that we can say less cheating with their seatmates.thats it

Martes, Oktubre 12, 2010

Activity 2

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